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Don't guess lantern riddles on Lantern Festival - Come to guess the scoliosis!

  Traditionally, would guess lantern riddles on Lantern Festival in Taiwan. But this time to test everyone's eyes, can you see they have scoliosis? What curves they have would you guess? From left to right, the five girls have double curves (moderate to severe), lumbar curve (moderate to severe), double curves (mild), double curves (moderate to severe), and lumbar curve (severe) in sequence.

  During this UprightCome 4D advanced group treatment program, these girls shared their experience, discussed how to integrate correction into daily life and how to do it better. After the treatment, we saw the mindset changing from each other and all had a good memory in this moving moment!


Friendly Reminder

Dear friends with scoliosis, it may be hard in the process of transformation. but every time you change, UprightCome stands up with you and becomes the most beautiful appearance in your life!

#Happy Lantern Festival, remember to eat tangyuan to have good luck for a whole year.