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Scoliosis Curve Reduction – Cobb Angle from 50 degrees to 39 degrees

This is a 23-year-old girl from Taichung with severe thoracic scoliosis. The girl said, "at the beginning, all doctors suggested me to have an operation." "I found UprightCome Scoliosis Clinic on the Internet by chance, which made me very excited!"

Scoliosis correction Journey

The girl is diligent in doing scoliosis correction exercise everyday, and even take personal leave for treatment. Your efforts make the treatment team admire you very much! After UprightCome 4D advanced scoliosis treatment program, the cobb angle was improved from 50 degrees to 39 degrees, and it was reduced by 22%. The height was also increased by 1.8 cm, and the pain caused by scoliosis was also improved!

Friendly Reminder

Dear patients, don't worry, we all stand up with you! Let's go ahead.