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Scoliosis Curve Reduction – Cobb Angle from 49 degrees to 37 degrees

這是一位來自台中 16 歲胸腰重度脊椎側彎女孩,來挺立康之後的她很積極做矯正,在寒假特訓營結束後,有了更多的改變,從 X 光影像上,側彎角度從 49 度改善至 37 度,從原本的重度脊椎側彎改善為不需手術的側彎角度,而從體態上也讓腰線變得更對稱。

  This is a 16-year-old girl from Taichung with severe thoracolumbar scoliosis. The girl has been to many places in the past, but the results has not been good. When we met the girl, she had severe scoliosis with 49 degrees Cobb angle.

Scoliosis correction Journey in UprightCome

  The girl came to UprightCome scoliosis clinic, she was is motivated in doing correction exercises. After UprightCome winter camp, she saw the change in X-ray image. The Cobb angle was improved from 49 degrees to 37 degrees. The waist line became more symmetrical in her posture. This is also the best Valentine's Day gift for herself!

Friendly Reminder

  Dear friends with with scoliosis, to choose the evidence based treatment to turn your life around, and UprightCome continues to work hard with you. What new hope in the new year? No matter what, as long as you insist, you can see the hope. We wish you a happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day!