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Scoliosis success story - The cobb angle was improved from 60 degrees to 49 degrees

UprigtCome specially organizes high-intensity scoliosis winter boot camp. Through the relationship of partners, they support and encourage each other, just like girls always hold their partners' hands and cheer for everyone during this period!

This 11-year-old girl with severe thoracic scoliosis has good news from winter boot camp. After intensive scoliosis treatment in winter vacation, the angle of the thoracic spine decreased from 60 degrees to 49 degrees. Her mother held the girl's hand and said, "Wow ! Finally, we have changed" and "let's continue to do it together !"

Dear friends with scoliosis, I hope you know that you will not be alone on the road to treat scoliosis. You have partners, family, strong yourself, and UprightCome. We will work together with you.