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Scoliosis Curve Reduction – Cobb Angle from 51 degrees to 35 degrees


This is a 19-year-old girl with double curves scoliosis from Keelung in Taiwan. Before she came to UprightCome Scoliosis Clinic, she wore an unsuitable brace for a long time, which led to a very flat back and obvious deformation of her body, accompanied by back pain.

Scoliosis correction Journey

  Because of the recommendation of her friends, the girl came to UprightCome. At the initial Consultation, she starts to knew her scoliosis through the professional consultation and evaluation by Director Tseng. She also understood that the brace she had worn was not good for herself. She began to learn the right scoliosis correction exercise in UprightCome.

  Every day she practiced very hard. Her persistence was admired by our team. With the change of appearance and body shape, after 10 treatment sections, she grew nearly 2 cm high, and the cobb angle of lumbar scoliosis improved from 51 to 35 degrees The girl’s mother was moved and said: "Every follow-up with doctor, the result was bad, only this time we came out with a smile."


Friendly Reminder

  Dear friends with scoliosis, it is suggested to seek a scoliosis specialist with rich clinical experience to give appropriate advice for bracing. In addition, AIS patients don't have to wear a brace to correct scoliosis when they mature.