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A scoliosis success story - A journey from 30 degrees to 17 degrees

When diagnosed with scoliosis, is observing your only option? Children, especially during a growth spurt, need more than the “wait and see” method! Taking initiatives on scoliosis once diagnosed is the only way to avoid progression.

A scoliosis success story

This is a case of a 6th-grade girl, with moderate thoracolumbar scoliosis. After 3 months of UprightCome 4D customized scoliosis treatment, her height increased 3.3cm, Cobb angle reduced from 30 to 17 degrees! Her mother even told us that her orthopedic physician said there was no need for measurement because it was already observable with bare eyes!

Friendly reminder

Recently, a parent came telling us that when they first discovered her child has scoliosis, the cobb angle was only 10 degrees. The doctors from two hospitals told her that they should wait and see. Within merely 6 months, her angle progressed to more than 40 degrees!

Medicine is advancing day by day and surgery is no more the only option for scoliosis. Only by taking the initiative on scoliosis may we prevent it from progressing!