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A Scoliosis Success Story – a journey from 71 degrees to 54 degrees


This is a case of a girl from Taipei with extremely severe scoliosis. Her journey was anything but easy, especially when she has to balance her personal life and face scoliosis. Her self-discipline and tremendous effort really touched our whole team!

Scoliosis case

Being over the age of bracing treatments, every time your physician would always advise you to consider surgery. However, serendipity brought your boyfriend to UprightCome and made him encourage you to give yourself another try.

Scoliosis treatment period

We believe that only by understanding scoliosis you will have the correct mindset to face scoliosis. After consultation, you start to know your scoliosis. During UprightCome 4D customized scoliosis treatment, you came to understand how to fight scoliosis.

The most unforgettable thing about you is that you would wear your jacket even if it was just a short walk down the aisle to avoid anyone from seeing your waistline because of the fold. One time, you were so upset just because you were late for treatment. The other time you joined a group treatment and performed the best in a specific exercise, and that motivated everyone in that session!

Gradually, changes became noticeable. Your height increased from 161.5 to 163.5cm and the cobb angle reduced from 71 to 54 degrees!


Friendly reminder

Dear Friends with scoliosis, would you give yourself another chance if you found out you had scoliosis? Don’t be afraid, take the initiative on scoliosis and ask for help from experienced scoliosis experts to prevent it from progressing!