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Surgery and non-surgical treatment, what would you choose?

Do you have the same worries as Elsa, fear that the operation will fail, don't want to leave scars, worry about becoming rigid and inconvenient after surgery? Director Tseng asked her, "Have you ever thought about operating before you came to UprightCome?" She firmly said, "I don't want to!"

We understand that when suffering scoliosis, many patients who want to get a good correction for scoliosis also face the same question: "Should I choose a non-surgical or surgical method to correct scoliosis? Which one is better?" Before choosing, there are a few things you will need to know. This is shared by Elsa, let’s take a look!


The reason why she chose not to have an operation

The doctor told me that your scoliosis is 46 degrees and you are to have an operation when progress 4 degrees more. I was very unhappy at that time. I never wanted to have an operation, because I am afraid of pain. And I don’t want to have a long scar on my back, fear that the operation will fail, and then have to use a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I don’t want to have a lot of that kind of nails locked on my spine. Because I have watched the operation video, and my friend also has the operation. My high school classmate may be inherited from the family. After the operation, his body becomes stiffer. He can't act like normal people naturally.

The treatment experience in UprightCome

Every time I come here for the treatment of scoliosis, I feel that the mood when I go home is very different from other clinics. Here I can see the results. I know what I am doing here.

The advice for people with scoliosis

You should have the mindset that scoliosis-specific exercise must be integrated into your life. Rehabilitation is like eating in your daily life. Don’t just do it only when Director Tseng tells you. To do it is to have persistence and perseverance. In the beginning, I would feel "Oh~ so tired, so annoying", but gradually doing this way from April to now is almost half a year, I feel that I am not for anyone today, I am for myself.

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