Taiwan’s Top Scoliosis Clinic


NYMU DPT Clerkship program

NYMU DPT student PT 蕭暄穎

I came to UprightCome scoliosis clinic on a Thursday afternoon, feeling very excited about everything. Once I stepped into the clinic, a warm feeling surrounded me, and Director Tseng, Section leader Wendy and the assistants were all so pretty. After that, the sense of professionalism boosted once I saw the costly machines and that thick deck of X-rays!

Truth being said, I never thought that PTs would have assistants. At first, I joined their meeting and heard the story about how Director Tseng established UprightCome. It was a really moving story. I once heard a speech from one senior PT. He said that he worked in Cheng Hsin General Hospital for more than 20 years, without the motivation to establish a physical therapy clinic. It was just a split of a moment that gave him the courage to do so. Director Tseng saw the lacking of scoliosis treatment in Taipei Veterans General Hospital so she decided to go abroad and learn advanced techniques to help more scoliosis patients in Taiwan. Hearing all these stories about PTs doing their best to help patients really touched me.

The whole afternoon shadowing, I felt the vibrant vibe in the clinic with the director telling me about the problems, how to deal with them, and how we can help the patients. I see that is the reason why patients of Director Tseng always have good outcomes. Furthermore, I realized that being a PT requires you to have a lively characteristic, be energetic and also enhance the patient’s motivation whenever needed. If patients are not reaching their goals, PTs have to find other ways to help them achieve them. After interviewing several patients, I could feel how happy they were because the treatments were really helping them, and that, according to Director Tseng, is the reason for being a PT. All in all, Director Tseng told me that the important thing is to see whether I like this working environment and vibe. The professional things can wait.

Huge appreciation to Director Tseng, Section leader Wendy and all the assistants for letting me shadow in this clinic and see how PT can help. I will make the most out of my next visit. Thank you!