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S shaped scoliosis success case

這是一位台北 23 歲,S 型 37 度中重症脊椎側彎女孩,大學畢業的她,在沒有背架介入的情況下,經由挺立康 4D 側彎治療,腰椎脊椎側彎角度改善了 29 % 、身體旋轉指數改善 41 % 、身高也長高了 2.6 公分!!!

S shaped scoliosis success case

This is a case of a 23-year-old, S-shaped moderate scoliosis girl. Without brace treatments and only with UprightCome 4D customized scoliosis treatment, her lumbar cobb angle improved 29%, trunk rotation angle improved 41% and her height increased 2.6cm!

During the treatment in UprightCome, our team could feel her positive vibe and she followed her treatment plan with discipline. We hope that you fit the corrective exercises into your daily life and become a better self day by day!

Dear Friends with scoliosis, remember to maintain a good posture! UprightCome will be with you along your journey of facing scoliosis.