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這是一位來自雲林 21 歲脊椎側彎女孩,從兩張 X 光可以看到,旋轉最多的腰椎不僅向中軸靠近,也已經轉正了。脊椎側彎成效除了角度改善之外,椎體解旋回正的程度也是重要的!女孩經過治療後,側彎角度從原本的 51 度改善至 38 度,讓原本可能需要手術的重度側彎改善至中度,免於進行手術的風險。


Derotating The Scoliosis

This is a 21-year-old girl with scoliosis from Yunlin. From two X-rays, it can be seen that the lumbar vertebra with the most rotation is not only close to the central sacral line, but also has reduced the rotation. In addition to the improvement of the Cobb angle of scoliosis, the degree of rotation of the vertebrae is also important! Professional people know how difficult it is to correct the rotated vertebrae.

After treatment, the scoliosis angle of the girl was improved from 51 to 38 degrees, so that severe scoliosis which might have required surgery was improved to a moderate degree, thus avoiding the risk of surgery.

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