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My scoliosis has changed!

Seeing the message from you, all colleagues of UprightCome are happy and moved for you. The thoracic vertebra angle has been improved from 73 degrees to 57 degrees. The careful 22-year-old Taichung girl saw a lot of information and found us after many surveys.

The treatment of extremely severe scoliosis is very difficult. In addition to the professional, specific, safe, and high effective treatment of our team, the trust between the patient and us is the key to success as well. While preparing for the examination, the patient fully cooperated with the treatment with the UprightCome 4D concept.

UprightCome specializes in the treatment of 8-25 years old patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis. Your scoliosis is our first concern, and preventing curve progression is our central idea. Dear patients, you are welcome to choose UprightCome with the top professional medical quality as she did. ️