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Let the Numbers Speak!

The 16-year-old girl and her mother finally smile. The thoracic curve is improved from 28 degrees to 20 degrees, and the lumbar curve is improved from 30 degrees to 18 degrees. In the high risky period of progression, especially double curve scoliosis, all they need are an exclusive scoliosis treatment plan, accurate implementation of 4D scoliosis treatment, listening to the patient's voice, and, the most important, clinical experience.

Over the years, Director Chin-Yen Tseng has always believed that Small Things, Big Difference. We do our best to do what we should do. I think we not only do the right things but also do things right.

At the same time, we see more patients' smiles as well. Brave and strong scoliosis patients, what are your wishes in this year? In the new year, give yourself a new self. Dear patients, UprightCome is ready for 2020.