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A 15-year-old girl with scoliosis in 69 degrees

Back view (after 9 sessions)
Lateral view (after 9 sessions)

A 15-year-old girl with scoliosis in 69 degrees

At the first consultation, the girl was telling the story that her scoliosis was diagnosed three years ago. Her family took her to orthopedics, rehabilitation, and many traditional chiropractic clinics, while it went worse day by day.

From the picture on the left, we can see two striped bruise on the girl's back. After inquiring, the girl was so worried over scoliosis deterioration that she would use her fists to push the bumped side of her spine. It was her naive idea to prevent her scoliosis from getting worse. And this sort of dangerous behavior is terrifying and poignant.

To give treatment to a severe adolescent idiopathic scoliosis patient, there are many details to be considered beforehand. It might come with:
-limited function of heart, lung and following symptoms
-high risk factors of deterioration
-visible collapse and deformation of spine and ribs arrangement from every aspect of scoliosis
-fear of surgery and pressure from junior patients

In this situation, professional interpretation of X-ray, examination from precise instruments, and further experienced and excellent clinical evaluation are needed. With reliable relationship between the doctor and the patient, the “customized 4D treatment plan” will be available in the case.
-the team needs to be extremely cautious and highly focused
-to observe the break point in each treatment
-and make distinct improvement in comparatively short time and keep the status

We hold a firm belief that the essence of medication is profession, and the key to be professional is the emphasis of details. This is what we’ve been insisted on, "Details make differences." Pursue excellence and never stop.


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