Taiwan’s Top Scoliosis Clinic

The doctor of Taipei Veterans General Hospital visiting UprightCome


The doctor of Taipei Veterans General Hospital (the first class international medical centerin Taiwan) major in Orthopedic surgery for children visiting UprightCome is the recognition and praise.
Looking at the timeline on the wall let director Tseng recall the original intention those years(2011-2015) in the medical center. Director Tseng and Dr. Feng create the first treatment case in Asia together. 「Non-Operative Scoliosis Physical Therapy 」
Because the delve and the enthusiastic of scoliosis ‘s area
These year we keep going up and keep promoting.
UprightCome’s outstanding effect let the world see Taiwan.
To turn to the essence of medical therapy we hope that we could let the patient who suffer scoliosis between moderate and severe provide high quality and safety choice of Non-Operative scoliosis evidence therapy.
This is what we keep adhere to.